• pytoLearn aims to introduce newcomers to the Python ecosystem coding techniques and help them develop domain-relevant skills.
  • Although prior programming experience is not necessary to start writing Python scripts, nevertheless being familiar with key programming concepts would help a lot to quickly move from novice to intermediate level.
  • pytoLearn can be helpful for starting researchers (doctoral students) in science, engineering and social science as well.

The pytoLearn tree metaphor

  • pytoLearn follows a 'tree metaphor' to organize and deliver workshop-style targeted learning paths that show you how to python-code in various scientific domains:
    • The 'trunk' of the tree is -of course- basic Python.
    • The 'branches' are the various code packages useful for all kind of things that the ecosystem supports. For example: numpy, pandas, scipy, nltk, pygame, etc.
    • A 'crop' is a domain-relevant skill that you would like to develop. It could be, for example, hypothesis testing or image processing or game design, etc.
    • Finally, a 'path' is a study roadmap from the trunk (basic Python) to branches (packages) to crops (domain).

How to benefit from pytoLearn

  • The metaphor suggests that you should follow a path to the domain (crop) you consider valuable for you. Select the workshop-path that leads there or make a path of your own. Before starting consider the following:
    • Trunk: First things first, learn 'basic Python'; no advancement is possible without understanding the nuts and bolts of the language. Read the 'What to install' page to get info and directions on how to install Pyhton and other relevant tools. Of course, if you already know Python skip this step and go to branches.
    • Branches: try to get a good grasp of the domain-relevant packages (libraries) that the path suggests. Links to selected web resources are also included.
    • Crops: eventually, you harvest the crop, that is, learn how to apply your python-based coding skills to develop domain-relevant knowledge and competences. This should be your final objective.

pytoLearn is free and live

  • pytoLearn is:


. Free learning material
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